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I'm a grade 6 instructor that the highest DSA grade

Welcome to Avergo the place for all your Driver Training needs.

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After offer lesson you return to normal lesson prices

 Kettering & surrounding villages

As i offer deals, you maybe thinking you don't get good quality lessons. I only give my best all the time be it a full price lesson or on a deal

All of you take care while driving

So you're looking for some sort of driver training, then you have come to the right place.

I know what being on 4 wheels is all about,in all weathers in all conditions. Let me teach you to drive,in a duel controlled car

 Driver Training

New drivers, Driving lessons for both young and not so young , male or female.

Lessons for Nervous people and People with learning problems ( Dyslexia,Asperger's).

Motorway driving lessons making you safe.

Refresher courses, lets get you back driving.

Eco friendly driving course save on your fuel bills

Advanced driver training, the next step helps cut your insurance cost.


Off Road 4x4.


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